“Do what is best for the student.”  At Edmond North High School, I heard this simple motto enough times to adopt it as a mantra.  In education, there is no other choice.  I try to advance what is best for the student, with some success. I found teaching with the TRiO Program Upward Bound.  The student-first mentality demanded by UB leaves an unmistakable mark on my career.  While working with TRiO, I fell in love with the process of helping young men and young women finding themselves in our society.  When I transitioned to full time secondary school education, I enjoyed the honor of working with one of the best faculties in the country.  The mentoring, counseling, and assistance from the Edmond North faculty guided me to hone my craft.  The Crucible on Danforth prepared me for one of the larger trials in my life: Chicago Public Schools. I have seen successful schools and less than successful schools. With ample teaching experience in hand, I returned to university with a renewed passion for scholarship and pedagogy.  Since returning, I continue to engage students with the simple saying “Do what is best for the student.”

Former Appointments

Lake Forest College, Lecturer in Politics

  • Congress
  • Presidency
  • Introduction to American Politics
  • Influence and Interest Groups
  • Urban Politics

Roosevelt University

  • TRiO Upward Bound

University of Illinois at Chicago

  • Seminar in American Politics / Instructor
  • Political Data Analysis / Instructor
  • Congress / Instructor
  • Methods of Political Science / Instructor
  • Introduction to American Federal Government / Instructor
  • Introduction to American Federal Government / Teaching Assistant
  • Introduction to Statistics for Political Science / Teaching Assistant

Chicago Public Schools

  • Advanced Placement United States History
  • Advanced Placement Macroeconomics
  • Advanced Placement Microeconomics
  • United States History
  • World History

Edmond Public Schools

  • Advanced Placement Macroeconomics
  • Advanced Placement Microeconomics
  • pre-Advanced Placement Oklahoma History
  • Oklahoma History

Oklahoma City Community College

  • TRiO Upward Bound


Lake Forest College, 2013-2015
2015 Fall, POLS 329 Seminar in American Politics, UIC
2015 Spring, POLS 228 Congress, UIC
2014 Summer, POLS 200 Methods of Political Science, UIC
2013 Fall, POLS 401 Introduction to Statistics for Political Science, UIC – TA
2012 Summer, POLS 101 Introduction to American Federal Government, UIC