Formally trained as a political scientist, I am a young scholar with an eclectic background featuring politics, history, economics, geography, and sociology.  My current research focuses on urban revitalization in the global era.

Curriculum Vitae

My most recent CV is available here.  You will need Adobe Acrobat to open the file.

Research Agenda

My research agenda travels along two major arcs.  First, I seek to analyze the rise of expertise in local political decision-making.  This influence takes several forms, ranging from fact-finding to agenda setting.  Second, I hope to provide an accessible guide to local leaders to navigate the increasingly complex world of the global economy, regional economic competition, local governance.

Towards a unified economic revitalisation model

This paper synthesises two models: Savitch and Kantor’s bargaining and the amenity led growth model. Using evidence from Oklahoma City’s recent revitalisation, the argument concludes that leadership serves as a pivotal link between the bargaining table and the construction of new amenities to attract productive labour and improve their bargaining position. The proposed unified model reprises the role for leadership to include providing amenities prerequisite for economic development.  FULL TEXT

Consultants, Urban Leadership, and the Replica City

My dissertation tackles the role of experts in local decisionmaking. The global marketplace presents new opportunities for cities, but the economic changes often eroded local leadership coalitions.  Contemporary urban leaders continue to champion their communities, but they rely on advice from experts outside of their city’s borders.  As a result, these consultants exert power over the local agenda.  FULL TEXT

Echols Memorial Award, University of Illinois at Chicago: “Blowing Bubbles”

Blowing Bubbles is an early draft seeking to explain the varying levels of retail agglomeration around certain entertainment anchors.  The paper received an award to expand the scope of the research beyond Chicago and “Replica City” (Oklahoma City).  An early draft is available here.

Midwest Political Science Association, 2013 Conference: “Opportunities for Economic Revitalization: Leadership, Quality of Life, and Globalization” (link)

Opportunities for Economic Revitalization is an early work dedicated to bridging a perceived gap between the Savitch and Kantor bargaining model and amenity led growth approaches.

Master’s Thesis: The NIMBY Effect: A Suburban Municipal Politics Case Study Series in the City of Edmond, Oklahoma 1985-2007

“Not In My BackYard” issues create a lose-lose game for municipal leaders.  Either municipal leaders can face reduced campaign finances from developers or backlash from voters in the vicinity of high notoriety locally unwanted land uses.  The NIMBY effect is temporary, and lasts only one election cycle.