My political philosophy is built out of pragmatism.  I keep neither permanent allies no permanent enemies, and I fight passionately for consensus. I have worked on political campaigns since 1996.  I work for whom I believe is best for the position, instead of working blindly on behalf of ideology.


I have also served as an ad hoc lobbyist for several issues at the local and state level.  I have helped pass employee rights legislation, campaign ethics reform, among many other bills.  I have also served as a “watchdog” to help play defense against bad ideas.


Due to my pragmatic approach to politics, I have worked for independents, Republicans, and Democrats.  My favorite experiences involve coalitions of several viewpoints working toward a common purpose.  I advocate for the people and policies I believe are best.  Regrettably, the best statesmen often are not the best politician.

The highlight of my career came in 2007, when I finally earned a spot at the helm of a campaign. After taking the high road against mudslinging and losing the spending battle 3:1, we won.

I have specialized in brand messaging, grassroots campaigning, polling, and microtargeting.  Most recently, I have consulted candidates and high level campaign advisers needing help staying objective.  I serve as a “ground” to keep candidates and campaign managers from getting caught in their own spin.

Annual Win Loss Record
1996 (1-0) State House W
1997 (0-0)
1998 (1-0) State House W
1999 (0-0)
2000 (1-0) State House W
2001 (1-0) State Question W
2002 (1-1) State Question W, Governor L
2003 (0-0)
2004 (0-1) Mayor L
2005 (0-0)
2006 (0-2) Local Initiative Petition L, U.S. Congress L
2007 (3-0) Mayor W, City Council W, City Council W (Campaign Manager)
2008 (0-1) State House L
2009 (3-1) Municipal Reforms (3) W, Municipal Reform L
2010 (0-1) U.S. Congress L
2011 (0-0)
2012 (1-0) Local School Council W (Candidate)
2013 (0-0)
2014 (1-0) Local School Council W (Candidate)
2015 (0-0)
2016 (1-0) Local School Council W (Candidate)
2017 (0-0)

TOTAL: 14-7, 4-0 as Campaign Manager