Welcome to the official website for Samuel Bassett. Feel free to peruse the links to the right, or advance directly to my blog below. This outlet serves as a commentary on various topics. Headhunters may wish to advance directly to my Vitae.


Formally trained as a political scientist, I am a young scholar with an eclectic background featuring politics, history, economics, geography, and sociology.  My current research focuses on urban revitalization in the global era.  As a teacher, I maintain a diverse set of lesson plans.


My political philosophy is built out of pragmatism.  I keep neither permanent allies no permanent enemies, and I fight passionately for consensus. I have worked on political campaigns since 1996.  I work for whom I believe is best for the position, instead of working blindly on behalf of ideology.


Via blogging (on this site and others), attempts at comedy, photography, cooking or live performance, I keep multiple irons in the creative fire.

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    Why I Left Education

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    Today, I taught my last class.  After a decade of teaching, I am hanging up my teaching boots.  I am leaving for three reasons.  First, I am in a comfort zone, and I find it is extremely uncomfortable.  Second, I am increasingly disturbed by the direction of the industry.  Third, I am extremely excited about new opportunities.

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    American Politics Must Reads

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    I started to work on a Delphi Method approach to uncover a consensus, “must read” list of political science works for American politics.  After one wave, two things became abundantly clear: there is consensus around a handful major works, most of these texts are old.  Rather than sending a second wave to pick up on secondary pieces, I… Read more »

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    Danger of Debates (for candidates)

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      Debates have a unique (and, largely unnecessary) place in American politics.  Trump’s nonattendance in a Republican debate might seem like a bad idea, but it is the proper strategy.

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    What are they thinking?

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    I have taken some time over the last several weeks to try to answer the question, “What are they thinking?” when it comes to people’s support for various Presidential candidates.  The answers are often surprising.  After having conversations with a couple hundred likely voters, I have some quick informal notes on trends among supporters of various… Read more »

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    Most Influential, Non-President American Politicians

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    American politics is often organized around key Presidents, but often the most influential and most lasting impacts come from those who do not inhabit the Oval Office.