Welcome to the official website for Samuel Bassett. Feel free to peruse the links to the right, or advance directly to my blog below. This outlet serves as a commentary on various topics. Headhunters may wish to advance directly to my Vitae.


Formally trained as a political scientist, I am a young scholar with an eclectic background featuring politics, history, economics, geography, and sociology.  My current research focuses on urban revitalization in the global era.  As a teacher, I maintain a diverse set of lesson plans.


My political philosophy is built out of pragmatism.  I keep neither permanent allies no permanent enemies, and I fight passionately for consensus. I have worked on political campaigns since 1996.  I work for whom I believe is best for the position, instead of working blindly on behalf of ideology.


Via blogging (on this site and others), attempts at comedy, photography, cooking or live performance, I keep multiple irons in the creative fire.

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    Election 2016 Predictions

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    It is time for the 2016 Election Day predictions…  Feel free to play along with the 2016 Pick ’em. These selections are based on a model in progress that places a heavy influence on both race and industrial change since the 1990s.

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    The End of Neoliberalism?

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    On January 1, I predicted that the 2016 election cycle would be an electoral realignment.  I was largely accurate; however I missed one main point: the changes to political discourse would threaten to fundamentally transform American politics in a way that has not been seen since the 1930s.  Donald Trump presents the contemporary structure of… Read more »

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    Neopopulism and Brexit

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    Voters in the United Kingdom have voted for the Brexit, a referendum for Great Britain to leave the European Union.  This is a monumental decision, which will have a large impact on the national, continental, and global economies.  This vote reflects a new phenomenon: neopopulism.   A Quick History of the European Union The European Union formed in… Read more »

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    In Praise of Public Service

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    To my friends who are disappointed in local and state legislatures behaving poorly: go and be the change. After I wrapped up my last class, several students did the obligatory linger and chat.  I had a young man ask me “who should I vote for?”  I told him that voting was not as important as getting up, going out,… Read more »

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    Why I Left Education

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    Today, I taught my last class.  After a decade of teaching, I am hanging up my teaching boots.  I am leaving for three reasons.  First, I am in a comfort zone, and I find it is extremely uncomfortable.  Second, I am increasingly disturbed by the direction of the industry.  Third, I am extremely excited about new opportunities.