Welcome to the official website for Samuel Bassett. Feel free to peruse the links to the right, or advance directly to my blog below. This outlet serves as a commentary on various topics. Headhunters may wish to advance directly to my Vitae.


Formally trained as a political scientist, I am a young scholar with an eclectic background featuring politics, history, economics, geography, and sociology.  My current research focuses on urban revitalization in the global era.  As a teacher, I maintain a diverse set of lesson plans.


My political philosophy is built out of pragmatism.  I keep neither permanent allies no permanent enemies, and I fight passionately for consensus. I have worked on political campaigns since 1996.  I work for whom I believe is best for the position, instead of working blindly on behalf of ideology.


Via blogging (on this site and others), attempts at comedy, photography, cooking or live performance, I keep multiple irons in the creative fire.

  • Urban Analysis

    Detroit Autopsy

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    On July 18, 2013, the City of Detroit, Michigan filed for bankruptcy protection, citing billions in bonds and the lack of viable options to service debt. Detroit’s story is not simply a case of rust belt malaise.  Instead, Detroit finds itself in its current position due to decades-long symphony of federal, state, and local policies… Read more »