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    Running Government Like a Successful Business

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    If the United States were run like a successful business, then the political, policy, and public sector strategies would be strikingly different.  Politicians seeking to dismantle the government perpetuate a myth based on an oversimplified version of economics — which is leading to widespread economic pain.  Instead of racing to the bottom by slashing taxes… Read more »

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    Neopopulism and Brexit

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    Voters in the United Kingdom have voted for the Brexit, a referendum for Great Britain to leave the European Union.  This is a monumental decision, which will have a large impact on the national, continental, and global economies.  This vote reflects a new phenomenon: neopopulism.   A Quick History of the European Union The European Union formed in… Read more »

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    30 at 30

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    Ermagerd!  Erm 30! Turning 30 has led me to think about what I have learned over the past three decades.  Below are thirty tidbits that I’ve picked up.  Enjoy!